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There is something to be said about having no clutter around the house. It helps you have organization, know where things are, have focus and so much more. I have been trying lately when I get a package or the mail to go through it right away and take care of the packaging, get rid of the junk mail, and file whatever if anything is left over. I recently have been making my bed every day. Putting things away when I am done with them. When the space is clear of things it makes you feel freer.

The one thing I have not got a handle on is email clutter. I will never forget looking over one of my co-worker’s shoulders and noticing her inbox was almost completely empty. I said how do you do that. She said to me she saw on a documentary or one of those helpful things that to become more organized and ensure you don’t forget to answer an email you move things into folders as soon as you answer them or if it doesn’t require an answer you move it to a folder with the correct topic. The only things you have left in your inbox are things you are waiting for an answer on, or you need to follow up. Every time I switch projects, I have every intention of starting this habit. Low and behold I never make it past the first couple of hours let alone a day.  Maybe one day I will get better at this. It seems like a reasonable thing to do. Maybe I just need to make more effort. I am pretty good about filing documents though. I do have folders inside folders etc. to house documents related to a project. If I could just take that same effort towards email. I know it’s like anything it doesn’t become a habit until you do it for a certain amount of time. It is a proven fact.

To reduce clutter around the house in the car at work etc. it goes back to do you really need the things that are cluttered. I mean if the object has been sitting in the room in a box unpacked for months do you really need it? Are you saving it for the just in case? If it’s a document then why not scan it and file it in a folder that you can find later if you need it. If it’s an object can it be replaced in 20 minutes for less than 20 dollars? I have a perfect example of this. My daughter and I got rid of some colored pencils recently. We figured we didn’t need them and if I did all of the sudden need them it wouldn’t be too expensive to replace. Well, I guess I didn’t need them, and I could have waited until the kids returned to use theirs, but I replaced them for $5. Now granted you don’t want to be throwing everything away if you truly think you are going to use it. However, in most cases, I would say I don’t miss or have needed a stapler, a tape dispenser, a stapler remover, more than one jump drive, etc. I really think the packing party is the way to go with these things. I mean you pack the stuff up in a box. If you don’t go and get it in 30 days then obviously you probably could go without it. Give yourself permission to let go of it.

So, start off small but just committing to putting things away once you are done with them. Work up the energy to then go through things that are just laying around and really think about if you need them and if they bring value to your life. Having fewer items around my house allows me to enjoy the items I do have. It allows more time to enjoy other things. If organizing was decluttering wouldn’t you be done by now?